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Portland General Store Black Fly Beard Oil

Brand new for Spring!

Inspired an early PGS product called “Uncle Ed’s  Black  FlyButter”,  Black  Fly Beard Oil is a natural, oil-based bug repellent that is perfect for keeping pests from nesting in your bearded locks, and can be dabbed on other parts of the body to be used as regular insect repellent. We updated the formula to include blue tansy, blue chamomile, lavender and cedar, giving it a woodsy, earthy, light and leathery scent. Warning: do expect your girlfriend to sneak some of it on camping trips. 

Benefits of the essential oils in  Black  Fly:

Blue Tansy - A wonderful deep blue oil with a woodsy, earthy, slightly medicinal scent, tansy is a well-rounded repelling oil that repels horse  fliesblack  flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. 

Citronella - Citronella is a plant-based insect repellent. It has strong anti fungal properties. Because it is a natural oil, it is recommended to reapply every 30-60 minutes on the skin/beard to be most effective in repelling insects. Citronella oil is an effective repellent for mosquitoes, body louse, head louse, and stable  flies.

Black Pepper - Many pesticides and insect repellents use variants of a compound found in  black pepper that repels insects, specifically mosquitoes. Chemists actually recreate this compound to put into insect repellents. Why don’t they use  black pepper? The cost and the peppery scent — which we actually love and  black pepper is used in some of the finest perfumes!

Rose & Geranium - Combined, are known to be very potent, natural tick repelling oils. Rub some Black Fly on your legs when outside gardening or hiking.

Tobacco - a bug and pest repellent, and smells darn good (to humans!).

Vegan and organic ingredients: organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, marula oil, wild crafted absolutes and essential oils, natural preservative blend

Packed in a 15 ml glass bottle with dropper.

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